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Soft Tissue Treatment

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994, and they have improved greatly over the last 20 years. A laser is a highly concentrated beam of light energy that is focused on a single wavelength.

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The lasers used in dentistry are gentle enough that they don’t harm bone or tooth structure, and they are powerful enough to eliminate decay and promote healing in the soft tissues of the mouth. They are extremely accurate and they seal off nerves and blood vessels as they work, which greatly reduces the amount of bleeding, which patients love.

Soft-tissue lasers also sanitize as they work, which means there is a much lower chance of an infection developing. Lasers are especially ideal for working on and cleaning soft gum tissue. Lasers are more precise and accurate than scalpels and surgical tools could ever hope to be, and they allow dentists to have extraordinary control when they are operating.

It brings us great satisfaction to be able to help give our patients the gift of a healthy smile. We are proficient at a long list of other dental procedures we do crowns, bridges, fillings, cosmetic bonding, root canals, fluoride treatment, orthodontic evaluations and even oral cancer screenings. Whatever dental care you need, we’ve got it covered.

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