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Periodontal Therapy

At our Hollywood Dental Clinic, periodontal therapy is one of our many specialties. If you have a buildup of hard plaque or tartar below your gum line, then you almost certainly qualify for periodontal therapy, but you’ll need to meet with one of our dentists to be sure.

periodontal therapy

Periodontal therapy refers to the process of deep cleaning a patient’s gums using two methods called scaling and root planing. It is a non-surgical procedure, but a local anesthetic is often used to numb the area. Once the area has been sufficiently numbed, the dentist will use a special tool called a scaler to scrape away all of the tartar and plaque both above and below the patient’s gum line. After all of the gunk has been scraped away, the dentist will use a tool to smooth out the rough surfaces of your teeth, killing bacteria and making it harder for them to adhere to your teeth. The smoothing process also creates a nice sanitary surface for your gums to reattach themselves to.

We are enthusiastic about brightening our patient’s smiles, which is why we offer a full assortment of cosmetic, restorative and preventative dental services. From ordinary cleanings and evaluations to non-surgical laser periodontal therapy and tooth implants, we are fully prepared to cover all of your dental needs.

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