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Periodontal & Occlusion Evaluations

Wondering how to treat gingivitis or gum disease? At Hollywood Family Dentistry, we give Periodontal & Occlusion Evaluations to diagnose and treat problems. Read on to learn more about periodontology, a speciality within the field of dentistry dealing with the gums and jaw.

What is Periodontology?

Periodontal and occlusionOur dentists are trained to execute comprehensive periodontal and occlusion evaluations and it is highly recommended that you have at least one periodontal evaluation per year. Many people neglect their gums, which can often lead to periodontal disease. This is why our dentists are specially trained to spot any problems with our patient’s gums, so that we can treat the gum disease as soon as possible and eliminate it.

Not only are our dentists adept at spotting the warning signs of gum disease, but they are also skilled at spotting malocclusion, or bad bite alignment. Occlusion in dentistry refers to the relationship between the upper and lower teeth.  By examining how a patient’s top and bottom teeth come together, our dentists can determine if there is a problem and will work to fix it. Malocclusion, or a bad bite, can lead to serious health problems such as constant tooth aches, teeth grinding, receding gums and a host of other issues if left untreated.

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