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Orthodontic Evaluations

Are you wondering how to tell if you or your child need braces? Contact us to get advice from one of the dentists at Hollywood Family Dentistry. Read on to find out more about orthodontic services, which usually includes dental braces, for you or your child.

What is an orthodontic evaluation?

Orthodontic Evaluations

It is recommended that all children have an orthodontic evaluation before they reach the age of seven. The earlier we detect a problem, the easier it is for the dentist or orthodontist to correct it. Our dentists are trained to perform thorough orthodontic evaluations where we look for any potential alignment problems, such as a scissor bite or overbite.

We also closely evaluate the relationship between the patient’s bite and jaw. If an alignment issue goes unresolved for long enough, it can result in crowded teeth, crooked teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, uneven tooth wear and damaged self-esteem; just to name a few potential problems. By detecting the anomaly early, a dentist can refer the patient to an orthodontist to be fitted for braces or retainers that will straighten the teeth out over time. The younger the patient, the less time they will have to wear braces and other corrective devices.

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