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Onlays and Inlays – Tooth Colored

We are skilled at performing tooth-colored onlays and inlays. Tooth onlays and inlays are useful for when a tooth is decayed past the point of being able to use a filling, but not enough to merit the use of a full crown. Unlike fillings, onlays and inlays are fabricated and molded in a special lab. Inlays are very similar to fillings, and are made of porcelain, gold or a complex resin. Inlays are only meant to cover the cusps and grooves at the center of the tooth surface.
onlays and inlays tooth colored

Onlays are designed for more extensive decay than an Inlays, and are meant to cover more of the tooth’s surface, and sometimes even the entire tooth. They function to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible while also effectively sealing out bacteria. Our dentists use a tooth-colored composite resin that doesn’t stain and is extremely durable. It typically takes two dental visits to have an onlay or an inlay done. One appointment is for clearing out the decay and taking a mold of the affected tooth. The next appointment would be the actual installment of the inlay or on-lay mold into the tooth.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete range of dental services such as fluoride treatments, fillings, crowns, bridges, tooth implants, tooth extractions, root canals, gum grafts and a host of advanced laser surgeries and therapies.

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