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Many people will make the New Year’s health resolutions in 2017. Some will note a workout plan while others may try out a new diet. However, there is more to getting healthy than just changing your exercise and diet routines.

Adding additional resolutions to your list can seem like a daunting task. We just want you to know at the beginning of this article that there is no pressure here, and many of these “health resolutions” are not things you have to think about every day. Instead, they are simple things you can do throughout the year to help you feel better, be happier, and live a healthier life.

Work out how to destress

Stress is an immense contributor to medical problems. So, resolve to find ways to destress every week. You may want to start running or attending Yoga classes. It could be that a visit to the masseuse is more your speed. Or you could start practicing deep breathing. There are many ways to destress, find yours and stick to it throughout 2017.

Try one new healthy habit a month

New Year’s resolutions are daunting because we know we will forget or fail at least one time during the year. Instead of committing to yourself to a year-long health resolution, try a new one each month and see what sticks. Here are several things you may want to experiment with over 2017 – you might be surprised which habits continue on throughout the year:

  • Floss every day
  • Actually brush after every meal
  • Go to the gym on a schedule
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Take power naps/get enough sleep
  • Do/read something daily that makes you laugh
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day
  • Take time to enjoy some of the amazing nature here in Portland
  • Stop eating sugar
  • Shake up your diet by eating more vegetable proteins or adding in new grains
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stop drinking alcohol

While we came up with these twelve health ideas, you don’t have to use the above list. Just consider what you would like to improve on and work on improving that health issue for a month. It may just turn into a habit that you enjoy doing all year long.  

Eat a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before

In our previous article, we talked about winter foods that are great for oral health. Many of our patients hadn’t tried at least one of the foods on the list – even though they are all tasty. Try expanding your own diet with unusual fruits and veggies throughout the year. You might fight your next favorite food!

Get in some “me” time

Despite our best intentions, many of us have incredibly busy lives, and we don’t get enough “me” time. Indulge in self-care next year by coming up with time for yourself once in awhile. No matter what your profession is, you can schedule in time to concentrate on yourself.

Resolve to get regular checkups

Many illnesses and dental problems could be avoided with regular checkups and cleanings. So, include getting regular checkups and dental cleanings to your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. You should get an exam with your primary care physician once yearly, and you should visit us every six months for your dental cleaning.

Let us help you fulfill your health resolutions for 2017! Get your next dental cleaning scheduled today.