Meet Dr. Kato

Dr. Jeremy Kato, DDS

Dentist, Owner

Dr. Jeremy Kato is a dentist with a surprising range of talents. He received his dental degree from the University of Maryland, has completed special courses in implantology and orthodontics, and has done extensive dental research since 2001. But in addition to his great dentistry skills, Dr. Kato also speaks Cantonese, a language he learned while he lived in China for two years, and also worked as an EMT before he became a dentist. All of these talents show that he takes communicating with and caring for people seriously. But don’t worry, even though he’s a serious guy, he still likes to have a good time as he works with patients.

Dr. Kato believes in treating his patients just like family, and that kind of care will translate into any language, in any situation. He looks forward to getting to know all the people and businesses that make our community unique.

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