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There are several reasons why someone would need to have gum graft surgery. One reason is if that person has gum disease. Gum recession is the most common reason. Gums can recede over time due to excessive brushing, and can eventually expose the root of a tooth. When a root is exposed, a person’s teeth will feel more sensitive and will be vulnerable to infection and bacteria build up.
grafts dental mirror reflection of teeth
When most people hear “gum graft surgery” they probably have nightmares about painful, bleeding gums. Luckily, gum surgery is actually a lot less painful and intrusive than it sounds.

Our gentle and skilled dentists are trained to perform gum graft surgery. The most common form of gum tissue grafts involves scraping connective tissue from a person’s palate. The connective tissue is then stitched to the gums to cover the area around the exposed root. Gum grafts can also be used to even out a person’s gum line for a more aesthetic smile. There is a relatively short recovery time for gum graft surgery, and some people are able to return to their normal lives the day after they have the surgery.

Gum graft surgery may sound advanced, but it’s nothing our talented dentists can’t handle. Our dentists can handle a variety of advanced dental procedures such as bridges, crowns, laser fillings, tooth implants and extractions.

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