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Dental X-Rays

Hollywood Family Dentistry provides dental radiograph evaluations, or low-level digital dental x-rays for our patients. Read on to learn more about this important technology!

Dental X-Rays

Radiographs, or dental x-rays, are used to find anomalies in the teeth that just aren’t visible to the naked eye. A radiograph works by shooting a small, controlled burst of x-ray radiation through a patient’s mouth. The x-rays penetrate organic materials at varying rates. For instance, the x-rays are largely unable to penetrate through teeth, which is why they show up lighter on the x-rays. The rays are able to pass through any holes or abscesses in the teeth, which is why infections and cavities show up darker on the x-rays.

While the outside appearance of a tooth may seem normal and healthy, a radiograph can reveal what is going on underneath the tooth’s surface. Dentists use radiographs to find hidden dental structures, such as wisdom teeth. They are also used to spot malignant objects, cavities and bone loss. A radiograph is an integral part of any dental exam. No matter how thoroughly a dentist checks your mouth, their job is not complete until they have examined a radiograph of your mouth.

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