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Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Are you wondering how to better take care of your teeth? With a diagnosis and treatment plan developed by a dentist at Hollywood Family Dentistry, you’ll have reliable information on how to brush your teeth and everything else you can do to keep your teeth healthy. Contact us today to make an appointment!

Read on to learn more about our diagnosis and treatment plans.

How do dentists design a treatment plan?

Giving accurate diagnosis is a fundamental part of what makes a good dentist, which is why our dentists are trained from the very beginning on how to properly diagnose oral ailments or abnormalities. Properly diagnosing an oral disease takes decision-making skills as well as extensive knowledge regarding oral health and anatomy. Using observations and being able to recognize certain symptoms, our dentists are able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Once they have pinpointed the infection or disease, they immediately begin working on formulating a treatment plan that’s tailored to each individual patient’s specific health needs. When necessary, we will collaborate with other health care providers to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan that leaves nothing to chance. The skill to accurately diagnose oral diseases is something that is developed through experience and education. Our dentists are both highly educated and experienced, and our patients know that they can trust our dentists to make the right decisions regarding their oral health.

We are equipped to treat a variety of oral diseases once they have been diagnosed. We offer periodontal therapy to eliminate gum disease, fluoride treatment and regular cleanings to maintain healthy, cavity-free teeth, and a whole host of other treatment options.

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