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Losing a tooth (or teeth) as an adult can be a terrifying and disheartening experience, and can have some serious consequences. If you lose an adult tooth, other teeth can shift their position and your bite pattern can become altered.  A missing tooth can also have an effect on your ability to speak normally.


If a patient is missing one tooth, then a bridge will fill the gap with an artificial tooth and will permanently hold the fake tooth, called a “pontic”, in place by attaching it to the adjacent natural teeth with crowns. Bridges can be supported by natural teeth as well as tooth implants. They can restore someone’s smile and self-esteem as well as improve chewing and biting.

Bridge placement takes at least two dental appointments to complete. In the first appointment, the dentist will shape the adjacent teeth so that crowns can be placed on them. With the second appointment the dentist will install the permanent bridge and will evaluate the bridge to ensure that it fits right. This process can take multiple appointments because the dentist has to take the time to ensure the bridge fits nice and snug.

Bridges are just one service we offer. As a family focused practice, we have made it a point to offer a full list of comprehensive and cosmetic dental services. From regular prophylaxis appointments and orthodontic evaluations to root canals and gum grafts, we can accommodate the dental health needs of you and your entire family.

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